About Robin Miller

Robin Miller

Executive Coach

Coaching Approach

We don’t always know what’s getting in our way;
we do know we aren’t getting the results we desire. Executives come to Robin to discover, examine and shift communication roadblocks that are hindering their external experience, professionally and personally.

Discovery: Interviews (confidential/aggregated data)

Review/Observe: Materials, Video, Meetings, and Presentations

Feedback/Iteration: what’s working – what can work better?

Final Assessment: Behavioral outcome

Executive sessions are approached holistically, discovery and conversations surface patterns that affect achievement. Patterns are explored to guide the executive in their understanding of how to lead from the front, beside, behind and within. Executives learn how to change their communication style so that teams align; moving culture, strategy, and company objectives forward.

Leaders recognize and embrace their difference while honoring the perspective and diversity of others in order to navigate the communication landscape.


A Senior Partner in a $43M New York marketing firm needed to a promising Executive Account Manager to learn the art of connection. He was having difficulty assessing a room during a presentation, over talking and becoming too detailed in delivery. Through Robin’s coaching, he became aware of patterns, practiced connection and changed his delivery. A higher level of connection with customers benefited both Exec and Senior Partner.

The CEO of a $24B oil and gas company needed an SVP to improve his leadership style in national board meetings, town halls, and executive team meetings. Through executive coaching, he moved forward in his organizational and personal goals. He was able to master his communication with the executive leadership team, as well as his presentation delivery.

Professional History

Dr. Robin Miller’s career can be described as “Why not”?  She is the co-owner of ARTiculate: Real&Clear. Beginning in academia as a professor of musicology, she later moved into finance as a IT Customer Relationship Manager. Her 14 years in healthcare prepared her for coaching difficult conversations and relationships. She understands how individuals can get in their way and have no connection to how it is happening.

Industry Experience
Executives from finance, healthcare, energy, marketing, government, technology consulting, manufacturing and law have worked with Robin. Additionally, Robin is a skilled trainer and facilitator of teams, delivering presentations and leading small group deep dive sessions.

Master of Divinity – Iliff School of Theology
Doctorate of Philosophy – University of North Texas
Master of Music, magna cum laude – Baylor University

PCC – Professional Certified Coach, International Coaching Federation
CPCC – Certified Professional Co-Active Coach, Coach Training Institute
Mediation Certification – Michelle McKeena, Colorado Springs
CultureTalk Certification – Denver
Certified Spiritual Director – Sisters of Mercy, California

International Coach Federation (ICF)
Association of Talent Development (ATD)

Robin is a trained mezzo-soprano and performs with the Voices of Light Chamber Choir. Her music connects her
to others as an expression of self and serves to elevate harmonious connection.