About Hilary Blair

Hilary Blair

Vocal Coach

Coaching Approach

Hilary Blair trains high achievers craving honest feedback to reach the next level in business and/or life. She teaches Executives to move beyond communication habits and uncover what is unique and authentic in each individual. 

Discovery: Interviews (confidential/aggregated data)

Review/Observe: Meetings, Video, Materials and Presentations

Feedback and Iteration: what’s working – what can work better?

Final Assessment: Measurement (communication outcomes)

She will explore how you are seen and how you wish to be seen, and provide techniques to change your approach and elevate your presence. Her unique white board technique will guide your discovery of communication situations, goals and challenges. After this analysis she will provide you techniques to use your body and breadth to align your voice and goals to land your message.


A CHRO working for a $20B communication company needed a focused story so that her difficult message could be heard and received by 40,000 employees. Hilary coached her to reshape how she was formulating and delivering the message so that consistency and clarity occurred across all levels of the organization.

In a $7.5B healthcare institution, a CEO had made his career moving from system to system, restructuring operations to maximize human capital and income. This approach was prohibiting him from connecting with staff. Through coaching, he was able to move his fact-centered approach to a more heart-centered connection so that he could lead in a way that connected to people and lead more compassionately.

Professional History

Ms. Blair is co-owner, CEO and executive communication coach at ARTiculate: Real&Clear, a communications company working with leaders since its inception. Beginning her career as an actor 35 years ago, she began coaching in order to hone and elevate the techniques of performers. For the last 15 years she has been focused on highly successful business professionals seeking a move to the next level in their career and lives.

Industry Experience

Hilary is a highly regarded coach and facilitator working with consultants, speakers, lawyers, CEOs, actors, teachers, writers, project managers, sports figures, and other high achievers with clients from the financial, legal, communication, consulting, retail industries.


Master of Fine Arts – National Theater Conservatory, Denver
Bachelor of Arts – Yale University, New Haven
Faculty – Denver Center for the Performing Arts


C-IQ Conversational Intelligence (current)


NSA Colorado Board Member
Colorado Ivy Plus Board Member
Association of Talent Development (ATD)
Former board member of VASTA – the Voice and Speech Trainers Association


How we communicate fascinates Hilary and she has committed her artistic and business careers to exploring the “why’s” and “how’s” of when we connect and when we miss. She is particularly obsessed with the specifics of our speaking voice and our untapped potential. Recognizing our voices’ impact on others and that we have greater control over using our voice, enables us to create more connected and authentic communication.