Executive Alignment Coaching

Alignment Coaching is based on practice of creating internal and external leadership alignment.

The premise: When a leader is aligned internally; the leader’s values, thoughts and actions are in sync, the leader is healthier, happier and more productive. When a leader is aligned externally; the leader’s values, goals and expectations are in sync with the organization’s values, the leader will have the support and resources from the organization needed to be successful.

Executive Coaching

Customized, six-phase coaching approach to revolutionize leadership impact on people, process and the business

  1. 1
    Foundational changes in thinking and behavior
  2. 2
     Improved key relationships
  3. 3
    Better business results

Public Speaking Coaching

Public Speaking Coaching decreases nervousness through a structured peer feedback process, video recording and proven skill strategies

  1. 1
    Improved employee coaching strategies
  2. 2
     Better strategic thinking
  3. 3
    Increased innovation

Coaching Process

Phase 1

Goal Setting
Establish clear, measurable and relevant goals linked to the strategic objectives of the organization.

Phase 2

Data Gathering
Interview key stakeholders to understand leader’s impact on people, process and the business.

Phase 3

Observe team meetings, presentations and key interactions to assess impact on key audiences

Phase 4

Apply learning and behavior changes immediately back to work and business

Phase 5

Measurement and Alignment
Assess behavior changes on people, process and business, Calibration Sessions with manager/sponsor

Phase 6

Ensure improved leadership impact continues as a result of strategies learned in coaching engagement

*6 phases includes bi-monthly 75-minute coaching sessions, in-between session consultation, monthly progress reports

Coaching Testimonials

This coaching engagement was one of the most transformative parts of my career!

This led to a marked difference in how I’m working now as I was before.

Enjoyed the coaching immensely.

The coaching sticks with me, I take it to heart.