About Barry Shapiro

Barry Shapiro

Barry Shapiro

President/Founder/Executive Coach/

Master Facilitator

Coaching Approach
Executives partner with Barry to revolutionize the way they communicate, lead and develop their people.

Phase I: Data Gathering (confidential interviews, communications)

Phase 2: Observation (meetings, presentations)
Phase 3: Behavior Change (video-coaching)
Phase 4: Measurement (behaviorally-anchored)

Barry practices based on the premise “ultimately, the world’s problems will be solved through effectively facilitated conversations” and, as a result, effectively works through difficult challenges with leaders who often have very strong personalities.

Specifically, he gathers assessment results and confidential interview data to quickly identify strengths, weaknesses, and
risk factors. He then uncovers the beliefs and strategies that
are preventing the achievement of critical goals and leverages organizational behavior and group dynamics to create change, in line with the strategic goals. Ultimately, leaders reframe beliefs and create more effective behaviors that align professional and personal goals throughout the organization.


A CEO in a data science technology start up led an organization valued at $11M at the time Barry began a long-term executive coaching and consultation engagement. Specifically, Barry built and runs a highly successful, high-potential leader program which develops the top talent within the CEO’s 1500-person organization. As a result, Barry helped to establish a coaching and accountability culture, which led to better cross-functional collaboration and improved year over year performance. Recently, the company was acquired for $1.2B and the CEO publicly attributes his work with Barry to improving his personal leadership impact, key talent development, and directly contributing to these positive business outcomes.

A senior leader in the technology communications industry led a team of functionally strong, but conflict avoidant leaders. The impact of this problem was slow decision-making, in-person agreement/back channel disagreement and increased leadership misalignment. The result led to increased turnover, lowered morale and decreased productivity. Barry helped to improve the leader’s ability to manage difficult group dynamics and conflict aversion.

As a result, the leader initiated organization-wide critical difficult conversations, which led to better performance management and more effective measurement of team dynamics and individual performance.

Professional History

Barry spent the first part of his career working within the walls of medical treatment facilities and the second part of his career working within the walls of Corporate America, Europe, India, and Asia. As a result, Barry has improved the health and effectiveness of client organizations in dynamic ways for the past 20 years.

Industry Experience
Barry works with executives throughout the technology, oil and gas, finance, government, food and beverage, and healthcare industries, among many others. He often works with high-potential leaders, and those leading through critical personal and organizational transitions. In addition to executive coaching, Barry is a Master Facilitator who designs and leads customized group sessions, grounded in organizational data and targeted leadership interviews, to develop higher performing teams.

Masters Degree, with honors – University of Northern Colorado Bachelors Degree, cum laude – Northeastern University, Boston

The Leadership Circle – 360 and Culture Survey Instruments, Myers-Briggs Type Indicator – Personality Assessment,
Thomas Kilmann Conflict Mode Instrument, Learning Styles Inventory

Association for Talent Development, CSA – Colorado Speakers Association, IAF – International Association of Facilitators

Barry is the author of the book, Casting Call in the Theatre of Corporate America, the role of the extraordinary facilitator, which teaches innovative ways to engage employee audiences and improve organizational results. He has worked with leaders throughout Europe, Asia, India, Africa, South America, Mexico, Canada, and the United States.