About Shapiro Consulting Group

Based in Denver, Colorado, Shapiro Consulting Group provides dynamic leadership development services, based on the practice of organizational alignment. That is, when employee personal values, thoughts and behaviors are aligned, employees are happier and more productive. When the values and behaviors across the company are aligned, relationships are stronger, collaboration and innovation are easier, and business performance improves.

Our Mission Statement

"Ultimately, the world’s problems will be solved through effectively facilitated conversations."

Our Purpose

To provide the most innovative and impactful Executive Coaching and Leadership Development services in the industry. We accomplish this by leveraging both clinical and organizational expertise to develop powerful experiences for all the people we serve. Our personal connections with our clients create deep levels of trust in which people take risks to become significantly more effective leaders and people in both our organizations and communities.

Our 7 Critical Values

  1. 1
    Authenticity – Effective people live and work in congruence. They are who they claim to be, and their beliefs, actions and words accurately represent their true nature. We are Authentic.
  2. 2
    Creativity – Corporations strive for standardization and scalability of both people and processes. Unfortunately, this practice fosters the opposite conditions necessary to harness the unique and powerful contributions of each individual. Creativity, on the other hand, is the single most powerful way a human being / organization can solve profound problems from world – changing new orientations. We Are Creative.
  3. 3
    Perseverance – The one behavior that differentiates the ordinary human being with a compelling idea from the extraordinary human being who uses the compelling idea to change the world. We Persevere.
  4. 4
    Humor – In a world which lures people into operating from The Myth of Seriousness; a dull, day to day tactical approach, The Truth of Spontaneity, created by an endless flow of lighthearted, good natured humor, is the curative way to maintain a strategic and balanced perspective. We use Humor.
  5. 5
    Health – Personal and organizational health is foundational for the exponential growth of an organization. Health enables sustained productivity, better decision – making, accelerates the resolution of conflict and leads to better financial performance. We are Healthy.
  6. 6
    Integrity – Doing the right thing based not on external mandates, but on an internal compass pointing toward the inherent
    value of each human being, the personal responsibility to live into one’s potential and the interconnectedness of all people.
    We have Integrity.
  7. 7
    Results – Ultimately, our clients partner with us for a specific outcome. We take this responsibility seriously and orchestrate our resources and personal abilities to help people and their systems achieve their most important personal and professional goals. We get Results.

Who Benefits from our Services

Shapiro Consulting Group services are designed to immediately improve leadership impact, relationships, and business results.

Executive Alignment Coaching

C-level leaders who need to transform their business or industry and high performing/high potential managers making the transition into senior-level roles.

Leadership Impact Series

Managers, in role, who need to develop their people in order to scale their businesses.

Consulting Services

Organizations experiencing significant growth or transition.

Our Clients (a partial list) and Industries We Serve


Sports and Entertainment

Food and Beverage





Cannibis Industry


Higher Education


Where We Work

  • United States
  • Euope
  • Asia
  • India
  • Africa
  • South America
  • Canada

The SCG Team

Barry Shapiro

President/Founder/Executive Coach/Master Facilitator

Sal Silvester

Executive Coach/Master Facilitator

Kris Ryan

Instructional Designer/Trainer/Coach

Lois Todd

Executive Coach/Strategist

Hillary Blair

Vocal Coach

James Davis

Executive Coach/Trainer

Robin Miller

Executive Coach

Paula Middleton

Executive Assistant

Pat Rasch

Graphic Designer

Regina Moore