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Our Approach

Shapiro Consulting Group provides dynamic leadership development services, based on the practice of organizational alignment. That is, when personal values, thoughts and behaviors are aligned, employees are happier and more productive. When the values and behaviors across a company are aligned, relationships become stronger, collaboration and innovation become easier, and business performance improves.

How We Develop High Performing People and Teams

Executive Alignment Coaching

Shapiro Consulting Group - Executive Coaching

Alignment Coaching is based on practice of creating internal and external leadership alignment. The premise: When a leader is aligned internally; the leader’s values, thoughts and actions are in sync, the leader is healthier, happier and more productive. When a leader is aligned externally; the leader’s values, goals and expectations are in sync with the organization’s values, the leader will have the support and resources from the organization needed to be successful.

Leadership Impact Series

Shapiro Consulting Group - Leadership Training

Barry and his team create dynamic and engaging group experiences that lead to powerful personal insights and improved performance back at work. This is not traditional schoolroom or corporate education. The Leadership Impact Series™ is a blend of business simulations, the latest professional learning techniques and the power of supportive group dynamics to transform thinking and behavior back at work. Participants will be engaged, challenged and changed.

Consulting Services

Shapiro Consulting Group - Consulting

A proven system to answer the most important questions about your leaders, relationships and businesses. These answers provide clear direction about where to invest in your talent, which leadership decisions need to be made immediately and which approaches will develop a healthy culture and productive workforce to achieve your business mission. Consulting services include assessment, implementation and measurement.

Barry Shapiro

Barry Shapiro

Personal Mission Statement:
“Ultimately, the world’s problems will be solved through effectively facilitated conversations.”

Executives partner with Barry to revolutionize the way they communicate, lead and develop their people.

To that end, he gathers assessment data and confidential interview themes to quickly identify strengths, weaknesses, and risk factors. He then uncovers the beliefs and strategies that are preventing the achievement of critical goals and leverages organizational behavior and group dynamics to create change, in line with the company’s strategic goals. Ultimately, leaders reframe their beliefs and create more effective behaviors that align professional and personal goals throughout the organization.

Barry spent the first part of his career working within the walls of medical treatment facilities and the second part of his career working within the walls of Corporate America, Europe, Asia, India and Africa. As a result, Barry has improved the health and effectiveness of client organizations in dynamic ways for the past 20 years.

Casting Call book by Barry Shapiro

In The Theatre Of Corporate America
The Role of the Extraordinary Facilitator

A practical guide to assess, measure and develop facilitators to ensure that their extraordinary impact in the classroom translates into extraordinary outcomes at work, the ultimate stage of modern life. Casting Call is the dynamic story of Barry Shapiro and Amy Richardson's journey into the classroom of the American corporation. As protagonists of this guidebook turned theatre play, Barry and Amy confront intimidation, fear and attraction to one another on their path toward authenticity and self-awareness. Written as a play in order to accentuate the overlap between education and performance, this book is divided not into chapters but into a dramatic series of four acts and twelve scenes.

Client Testimonials

It is without reservation that I recommend Barry as a strategic partner to any organization seeking increased performance and revenue. His enthusiasm and creativity is contagious. Barry has the unique ability to not only recognize the potential of an organization’s value proposition but, more importantly, the people who activate it. We are truly better for having met Barry Shapiro.

Ken Krivanec
Executive Vice President
Quadrant Home-Weyerhaeuser Company

Barry gave me a communication process to more effectively deliver results. My work with Barry has directly improved employee engagement.

Mike Long
Chairman, President and CEO
Arrow Electronics

The powerful combination of Barry’s expert facilitation and coaching skills resulted in learning experiences that participants have raved about.

Marie Hardy
Director-People and Organizational Capabilities

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